A New Song Music Laminated Guitar Chord & Fretboard Note Chart Instructional Easy Poster for Beginners Chords & Notes 11″x17″

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Great tool for BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE guitar players. Nice to hang on the wall wherever you practice for easy reference, instead of flipping through a book. A MUST for ANY guitar player! This chart includes the notes of the guitar displayed on the fretboard and an easy chord chart. This information can be found in…


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Clearly printed and crisp print for note locations including sharps and flats.

Chart Easy Chord Diagram Poster Notes Finger Position Strings Guitar Chord Minor Major Seventh

Chart Diagram Size Premium 80lb Gloss Cover Paper Glossy 11x17 11"x17" Made in the USA America

Chart Shipped Rolled Up in a Tube for protection not Folded Protect


Unlock the mystery of the guitar fingerboard with this poster! The fretboard diagram / map occupies half the size of poster. This helps to clearly present all the notes on the guitar; including sharps and flats. Studying the fretboard will help you learn:

  • The Musical Alphabet
  • Chromatic Scales
  • Chord formulas
  • Patterns and relationships of notes as laid out on the fingerboard.


Digitally printed with crisp and clear lines to make playing guitar chords easy! We’ve picked out the easiest ways to play the most commonly used chords. The poster was designed not to overwhelm the beginner with too many chords; just all the right ones to get playing quickly!

11″ x 17″

11″ x 17″ (27.94 cm x 43.18 cm) Instructional Guide – Not too Big and Not too Small for hanging on your practice wall! This poster is designed with the BASICS in mind. Similar charts can take up your entire wall to give you a lot of chords you’ll never use. We’ve designed this poster to display the MOST used and EASIEST to play chords. No wasted space here!

Shipped Rolled

The poster is carefully rolled into a tube for safe traveling. The 13″ rigid tube has a 3 ply spiral winding to protect your chart in the mail. No creases or tears when you roll up the poster.

Laminated Double Sided Durable Tear Resistant Water Moisture Dry Erase Markers Finger Placement


Printed on a SUPERIOR 80lb Gloss Cover Paper stock and LAMINATED with a 3 Mil double sided sheet. The poster is durable and water resistant. Lamination allows you to use a dry erase marker to make notes or map out scales as you learn the guitar. Perfect for instructors who want to highlight chords or notes they may be teaching students.

  • 3 Mil Lamination
  • Double Sided
  • Durable
  • Tear Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Great for Dry Erase Markers

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Great for ALL Guitar Players

  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Beginner and Intermediate Players

Guitar teacher student learning guitar

Just what you need!

The chart is optimized for the beginner in mind. Just the important information to get you started on the right track.

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