Where Can You Find Reliable Guitar Tutorials For Intermediate Players?

Are you an intermediate guitar player looking to enhance your skills and expand your repertoire? Look no further! This article is your guide to finding reliable guitar tutorials specifically designed for intermediate players. Whether you want to master complex chords, improve your strumming techniques, or learn impressive solos, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to endless searching and let us show you where to find the best tutorials that cater to your level of expertise. Let’s dive in and take your guitar playing to the next level!

1. Online Guitar Lesson Platforms

If you’re an intermediate guitar player looking for reliable tutorials, online guitar lesson platforms can be a great option. These platforms offer a variety of resources and materials to help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge of the guitar. Let’s explore some of the best online guitar lesson platforms available.

1.1 Dedicated Guitar Lesson Websites

Dedicated guitar lesson websites are specifically designed to provide comprehensive and structured guitar lessons for players of all levels. Here are a few popular ones:

1.1.1 Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is one of the oldest and most established online guitar lesson platforms. With over 11,000 lessons and a vast library of songs to learn from, Guitar Tricks offers a wealth of resources for intermediate players. The lessons are presented in a step-by-step format, making it easy to follow along and progress at your own pace.

1.1.2 TrueFire

TrueFire is another well-known platform that offers a wide range of guitar lessons from renowned instructors. They have an extensive collection of courses, covering various genres, techniques, and styles. TrueFire also provides interactive features such as tablature and backing tracks to enhance your learning experience.

1.1.3 JamPlay

JamPlay is a popular choice for those seeking high-quality video lessons. With a vast library of lessons presented by professional instructors, JamPlay covers a wide range of topics, including scales, chords, techniques, and music theory. They also offer live Q&A sessions, allowing you to interact with the instructors and get personalized guidance.

1.2 Social Media and Video Sharing Platforms

In addition to dedicated guitar lesson websites, social media and video sharing platforms can be valuable resources for finding guitar tutorials.

1.2.1 YouTube

YouTube is a goldmine of guitar tutorials. Countless experienced guitarists and instructors upload instructional videos covering various aspects of playing the guitar. From beginner to advanced techniques, you can find tutorials on almost any topic you can imagine. However, it’s important to note that the quality and accuracy of the tutorials can vary, so it’s advisable to check the credibility of the instructor before following their lessons.

1.2.2 Instagram

Instagram, primarily known for its photo and video sharing capabilities, has also become a hub for guitarists to share short and informative tutorials. Many skilled guitarists post quick tips, tricks, and licks on their Instagram profiles, making it a convenient platform to discover new techniques and ideas.

1.2.3 Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups dedicated to guitar tutorials are a great way to connect with other guitar enthusiasts and learn from experienced players. These groups often have active discussions, share useful resources, and provide a platform for asking questions and receiving feedback. Joining guitar-related Facebook Groups can be a valuable addition to your learning journey.

2. Music Education Apps

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, music education apps have become increasingly popular. These apps offer convenient and interactive ways to learn and practice guitar skills.

2.1 Yousician

Yousician is a well-known music education app that caters to guitar players of all levels. This app utilizes gamified learning techniques, allowing you to progress through levels and earn rewards as you improve your skills. Yousician offers comprehensive lessons, practice exercises, and even real-time feedback on your playing.

2.2 Fender Play

Fender Play is an official app from the legendary guitar brand Fender. Designed for both acoustic and electric guitar players, Fender Play offers a structured learning path with lessons tailored to your musical interests. The app covers a wide range of genres and techniques, making it suitable for intermediate players looking to expand their repertoire.

2.3 Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is more than just a learning app; it’s a powerful tool for guitarists. With Guitar Pro, you can access an extensive library of sheet music, tabs, and backing tracks for countless songs. This app allows you to learn songs at your own pace, practice specific sections, and even create your own compositions.

3. Private Guitar Teachers

Another reliable option for intermediate players seeking guitar tutorials is to work with private guitar teachers. These can be individuals or institutions offering personalized lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals.

3.1 Local Music Schools

Local music schools often have qualified guitar instructors who offer individual lessons. These instructors are experienced in teaching players at various skill levels and can provide valuable guidance to help you progress. Attending lessons at a music school also offers the opportunity to interact with other students and participate in performances or workshops organized by the institution.

3.2 Independent Guitar Instructors

Independent guitar instructors, often operating from their own studios or offering lessons at students’ homes, can provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and lesson content. These instructors usually have a deep understanding of the instrument and can customize the lessons to suit your musical preferences and goals. Seeking recommendations from fellow musicians or checking online directories can help you find a reliable independent guitar instructor in your area.

4. Guitar Magazines and Books

Guitar magazines and books have been traditional sources of guitar knowledge for decades. They offer in-depth articles, interviews with renowned guitarists, and a wealth of educational material.

4.1 Guitar World

Guitar World is a prominent guitar magazine that covers a wide range of topics relevant to guitar players. From gear reviews to in-depth tutorials, Guitar World provides a comprehensive resource for intermediate players looking to expand their knowledge and skills. Subscribing to the magazine gives you access to regular issues, online content, and exclusive features.

4.2 Guitar Techniques

Guitar Techniques is another popular magazine that focuses on practical guitar skills and techniques. The magazine features detailed transcriptions of famous songs, exercises to improve technique, and in-depth lessons on various playing styles. Guitar Techniques is an excellent resource for intermediate players aiming to enhance their technical abilities.

4.3 Hal Leonard Guitar Method

The Hal Leonard Guitar Method is a series of instructional books widely used by guitar teachers and students alike. These books offer a structured approach to learning the guitar, starting from the basics and gradually progressing to more advanced topics. The Hal Leonard Guitar Method provides a solid foundation for intermediate players looking to build their skills and musical knowledge.

5. Online Forums and Communities

Online forums and communities dedicated to guitar enthusiasts are valuable resources for intermediate players seeking guidance, resources, and interaction with other guitarists.

5.1 Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is a popular online forum and community that hosts a vast database of guitar tabs, chords, and user-contributed lessons. The forum is an active hub for guitarists to share their experiences, seek advice, and participate in discussions on various guitar-related topics.

5.2 Reddit Guitar Lessons

Reddit has several communities dedicated to guitar lessons, where users can share resources, ask questions, and receive feedback on their playing. These communities provide a supportive environment for intermediate players to interact with like-minded individuals and learn from each other’s experiences.

6. Music Stores

Music stores not only offer a wide range of guitars and accessories but can also be valuable sources of information and guidance for aspiring guitarists.

6.1 Guitar Center

Guitar Center is a renowned music store chain that offers a vast selection of guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and other gear. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you in choosing the right equipment for your needs and provide recommendations for tutorials and resources.

6.2 Sam Ash

Similar to Guitar Center, Sam Ash is another popular music store chain that provides a wide range of musical instruments and gear. The staff at Sam Ash is known for their expertise and can offer valuable advice on finding reliable guitar tutorials for intermediate players.

6.3 Local Music Stores

Local music stores, independent of major chains, can also be excellent resources for guitar tutorials. These stores often cater to local musicians and may have connections with local guitar teachers or recommended learning materials. Building a relationship with the staff at your local music store can provide you with reliable recommendations and valuable insights.

7. Online Streaming Platforms

Online streaming platforms have become a popular source of entertainment, but they can also offer guitar-related content that can benefit intermediate players.

7.1 Netflix

Netflix, the leading subscription-based streaming service, offers a wide range of music-related documentaries and concert films that can inspire and educate guitar players. From documentaries featuring legendary guitarists to performance videos of iconic bands, Netflix has a curated selection of content that can provide insights into the world of guitar playing.

7.2 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, another popular streaming platform, also has a collection of music-related content that can be valuable for intermediate guitar players. Prime Video offers a variety of instructional videos, live concert recordings, and documentaries that showcase the artistry and techniques of renowned guitarists.

7.3 Hulu

Hulu, a subscription-based streaming service, offers a diverse collection of music-related content, including documentaries, performance footage, and TV shows featuring musicians. Exploring the music category on Hulu can lead you to guitar-related content that can inspire and enrich your musical journey.

8. Live Concerts and Workshops

Attending live concerts and workshops can be an invaluable experience for intermediate guitar players. These events provide opportunities to witness skilled guitarists in action, learn from their performances, and even participate in workshops to gain insights and training.

8.1 Guitar Camps

Guitar camps are multi-day events that bring together guitar players of all levels to learn, play, and connect. These camps often feature workshops, masterclasses, and jam sessions led by renowned guitarists. Participating in a guitar camp can expose you to new techniques, musical styles, and perspectives, while also giving you the chance to network with fellow guitar enthusiasts.

8.2 Music Festivals

Music festivals often feature performances by top guitarists and bands, providing a firsthand experience of their playing styles and techniques. These festivals can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for intermediate players. Some festivals also offer workshops and clinics where you can learn directly from experienced guitarists.

8.3 Guitar Expos

Guitar expos are events that showcase a wide range of guitars, gear, and accessories. These expos often include demonstrations, performances, and clinics by skilled guitarists. Attending a guitar expo can expose you to different guitar types, gear options, and styles of playing, helping you expand your knowledge and refine your preferences.

9. Online Guitar Forums

Online guitar forums are excellent platforms for sharing knowledge, seeking advice, and connecting with fellow guitarists.

9.1 The Gear Page

The Gear Page is a popular online forum primarily focused on discussing guitar gear. While gear-related topics dominate the discussions, the forum also provides spaces for guitarists to share their playing experiences, ask technical questions, and seek recommendations for reliable guitar tutorials.

9.2 SevenString

SevenString is a niche online community dedicated to guitarists who play seven-string guitars and extended-range instruments. The forums on SevenString cover various topics, including technique, music theory, and guitar-related resources. The community provides a supportive environment for intermediate players to connect with others who share an interest in extended-range guitars.

9.3 Harmony Central

Harmony Central is a long-standing online community that covers a wide range of musical topics, including guitars. The forums on Harmony Central offer spaces for guitarists to discuss various aspects of playing, share their experiences, and seek advice from experienced players. Engaging with the Harmony Central community can provide you with insights, recommendations, and a sense of belonging among fellow guitar enthusiasts.

10. Personal Recommendations

Last but certainly not least, personal recommendations can play a significant role in finding reliable guitar tutorials for intermediate players.

10.1 Friend or Family Member

If you know someone who plays the guitar and has similar musical interests as you, asking for their personal recommendations can be a great way to discover reliable tutorials. Friends or family members who have successfully progressed in their guitar playing journey may have valuable insights into specific resources, instructors, or learning methods that they found beneficial.

10.2 Music Teachers’ Associations

Music teachers’ associations, both local and national, can provide recommendations for qualified guitar teachers and reliable educational resources. These associations often have directories or databases of registered music teachers who meet specific educational standards. Seeking assistance from a music teachers’ association can ensure that you find a reputable guitar teacher who can guide you effectively.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding reliable guitar tutorials for intermediate players, there are numerous options available. Online guitar lesson platforms, music education apps, private guitar teachers, guitar magazines and books, online forums and communities, music stores, online streaming platforms, live concerts and workshops, online guitar forums, and personal recommendations all offer valuable resources and opportunities for intermediate players to enhance their skills and knowledge. The key is to explore different sources, experiment with different learning methods, and find what resonates with you the most. Good luck on your guitar learning journey!